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Meet Ron

4 Jul ,2016 02:25 am


MADCOW Moments



In September 2014 a young lady sat down at our community lunch and started to talk to a single man. She sat and listened to his story. Ron shared about how he had a large sum of money stolen and now found himself homeless and broke.

Well the young lady suggested that Ron call into our ‘Life Essentials’ (our community hub) and see if they can help in any way. She also suggested that he may be able to help out.

Well, here’s Ron, nearly 2 years later and an integral part of everything that happens at ‘Life Essentials’. Ron pretty much looks after the logistics of all the pick-ups and deliveries that occur including the delivery of fresh food and vegies for our Foodshare program.

Well, this is another typical MADCOW® story that has Changed Ron’s world and made a difference to so many others.

Thanks Ron!

MADCOW®…….Make A Difference Change Our World

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