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Meet Robyn

4 Jul ,2016 02:28 am


MADCOW Moments



Here’s a lady who loves children and was a regular shopper in at Life Essentials community centre.

As we got to know Robyn we realised that she had a real heart for children and their toys. In fact Robyn was buying toys from our shop and other op-shops and them packaging them beautifully and donating them back.

Robyn has such a generous heart and so we asked her if she would like to volunteer. She immediately said yes and now is a regular and loved member of our team.

Robyn checks and cleans toys and prepares them for sale for the shop.

In July 2014, Robyn presented us with some artwork she had painted herself. How awesome is that!

Robyn, thanks for making a difference and changing our world.

MADCOW®…….Make A Difference Change Our World


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