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Meet Garry

4 Jul ,2016 02:25 am


MADCOW Moments



In a MADCOW® moment in February 2013 there was a phone call asking us if we wanted the entire fit out and stock from an op-shop that was closing down. We had been talking about opening an op-shop with a difference and so we thought this is a gift from God!

We finally arranged a day to pick it up. A bus load from Bendigo Baptist Church headed down the highway with a semi-trailer in hot pursuit. This semi had been donated for us to use to get bring all the goods home.

When we finally got back to Bendigo with a truck full to the brim, there’s this guy standing there to help us unload. He had no vision in one eye and so had a patch over his glasses on the right side.

With a great big smile and heart to match Garry started to help us unload.

Gaz was with us for 2 years and helped us move into the new premises, helped unload all the gear, helped set up the shop …….and the list goes on.

Gaz has moved on now but we want to thank Gaz for Making A Difference And Changing Our World and putting a smile on so many faces.

MADCOW®…….Make A Difference Change Our World

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