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MADCOW_DiagramWhat is MADCOW®?

  • MADCOW® Stands for “Make A Difference Change Our World”
  • MADCOW® is a fresh expression of innovation within the Bendigo and surrounding community.
  • MADCOW® exists to create awareness and show that by helping others and providing positive role modelling, they will be mobilised to change their World.
  • MADCOW® empowers people to take a stand and fight injustice

MADCOW® – Mission Statement

MADCOW® exists to take a stand and fight injustice. We believe the most powerful way to Make A Difference and Change Our World is through the power of positive role modelling.


With this in mind, MADCOW® will focus on three key areas:

  • Awareness – raise community awareness to the immediate needs and challenges facing vulnerable and marginalised people with a particular focus on youth and young families.
  • Mentoring – helping people to reach their full potential through love, education and care.
  • Respond – mobilise and equip people to change their World.


MADCOW® supports such programs such as:

  • MADCOW® Mentoring – mentoring at-risk students in primary schools
  • Life Essentials Community Hub – Running a variety of programs to support those in need within our community
  • MADCOW® Café – Scrumptious food at cheap prices in a welcoming environment that provides a space for our Free Chow program
  • NEXUS Youth Theatre – High quality performing arts program for youth in Bendigo
  • MADCOW® Cleaning enterprise – Offering training and employment for Karen Refugees
  • The Hope Project – Practical and financial relief for young families in crisis
  • MADCOW® Breakfast Club – Breakfast for young children in Eaglehawk primary school and free community breakfast each week in the Bendigo CBD
  • MADCOW® Sport – After school basketball program at Eaglehawk Secondary College. Stay tuned for some new sporting activities in the near future
  • MADCOW® Free Chow – Hearty meals for the homeless

Funds raised through initiatives MADCOW® go directly into supporting the vulnerable and marginalised within our community with a particular focus on youth and young families. MADCOW ® will also support global poverty projects with the Karen refugees living on the Thai Burma border.


Generational injustice

“Young people who through a combination of their stage of life, individual, family and community circumstances and barriers to participation are at risk of not realising their potential to achieve positive life outcomes”.

MADCOW® will provide financial capacity to Bendigo Baptist Community Care Inc. to strengthen support around the most vulnerable within our community with an emphasis on youth and young families.

MADCOW® will provide people with the tools and strategies to elevate themselves out of their seemingly ‘hopeless’ situations.

MADCOW ® will continue to raise awareness and help alleviate hopelessness and despair to the most vulnerable people with an emphasis on youth and young families in the Bendigo and surrounding region.

MADCOW® aims to ensure that youth and young families:

  • are released from generational in-justice
  • have access to support services and education
  • have the right to be safe and protected from harm
  • are equipped with fundamental life skills
  • experience life success and celebration

MADCOW is a local Bendigo charity, breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Our headquarters are located at 214 Hargreaves street.  Phone 03 5441 4747 e:

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