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Meet Scotty

Meet Scotty! Scotty first started showing up at the Madcow breakfast every Tuesday morning. He’s been homeless for the past year and has become part of the Madcow family at Life Essentials. Over the last 6 months or so Scotty has been able to access a hot shower, meals and taste some of the best […]

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a true champion and gives us great confidence that our future is bright. Lucy and her Mum regularly drop off boxes of high quality food to give to the needy.

Meet Ko Lo Mo

Ko Lo Mo and his family were forced out of their peaceful village in Burma by the Junta military and made their way over the mountains into Thailand. They spent the next 15 years in the Mae Surin refugee camp.

Meet Naw Mie

Here is a picture of Naw Mie with Ko Lo Mo. Naw Mie was our first employee with Eleven41 and shares a similar story. Naw Mie now does most of our documents translation and has been an integral part of the success of Eleven41 Cleaning Enterprise as well as helping us connect better with the […]

Meet Robyn

Here’s a lady who loves children and was a regular shopper in at Life Essentials community centre.

Meet Colleen

In January 2014 Colleen Hastings walks into Life Essentials and says, “I am a trained EOL (English as Another Language) teacher, could I be of use in your community centre?”

Meet Mathias

A young man with a difference! Mathias loves to dress up and perform but was never given the opportunity to participate in a professional environment. Mathias was a 2013 ‘Nexus Grants A Dream’ recipient. Here you see him at the curtain call of the 2013 production of Annie.

Meet Emma

Emma was lost and homeless. Some family disputes had left her in Australia with nowhere to live and she presented to ‘Life Essentials’ with a long story of sickness and disconnection from her community. Emma had nowhere to stay so a kind person from our organisation took her home whilst we sorted out what to […]

Meet Garry

In a MADCOW® moment in February 2013 there was a phone call asking us if we wanted the entire fit out and stock from an op-shop that was closing down. We had been talking about opening an op-shop with a difference and so we thought this is a gift from God!