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Welcome to MADCOW

MADCOW is an initiative of Bendigo Baptist Community Care Inc.

MADCOW stands for Make A Difference Change our World and exists to break the cycle of generational injustice. To help prevent family breakdown and homelessness.

Here at MADCOW, we want to create awareness and show that by helping others, YOU can change your world.

We can do this in three ways:

AWARENESS: Raise community awareness to the immediate needs and challenges facing youth and young families.

MENTORING:  Help others to reach their full potential through positive role modelling

RESPOND:  Mobilise and equip others to change their world.

Everyone can do it! Everyone can be part of the solution!

Check out our blog and see how we are making a difference here in Bendigo and around the globe.



Meet Stuart

This awesome young bloke came into us through the Work For The Dole program. He was a scruffy young fella who had lost his way a bit and h

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